Over the years, Lite Homes have been involved in many different contracting projects in Devon and the South West. From large scale new build developments through to independent luxurious builds, we lend the same degree of expertise to every project. Our team is passionate about the design and construction of quality homes that defy their price tag. Homes that become integral in the lives of those who own them and ones that play host to many memories of their lifespan.

Through our contracting work, we apply a fully comprehensive service. Our team has worked alongside various talented architects in the local area to develop ideas that are both in keeping with the surroundings and those that align with modern life. We approach each contract with the same professionalism, working closely with all other contractors to develop ideas that work. No matter the brief in question, our dynamic approach ensures that the end projects perfectly meet the needs of our clients.

All of our contract homes are backed by the same insurance-based 10-year warranty. They are all subjected to our comprehensive set of checks and inspections throughout the build. We align ourselves with the clients in question, ensuring that our high quality builds and standards of construction shine through. If you have any enquiries about our contracting service, please contact us by email or send a message via our contact form.